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Team Leader Dr. Nelson R. Marques


Is our “abre alas“ or the pioneer Brazilian dentist in the region. Dr. Nelson has been working in Florida since 1985. He had worked at couple cities in Florida and the last 34 years in south Florida.

He does from a simple filling until a complex sinus lift surgery is the classical case of the old fashion dentist and most of the time our patients stay in the office for the majority of procedures !

He also likes to fly back and forth in fast trips to Brazil where he also has a dental cosmetic clinic and enjoy his best time fishing with friends and part of his family!

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Raquel Schot

Our new acquisition Dra. Raquel is the finest dentist licensed and Brazil and U.S.A.  Is part of the new generation of dentist with best skills that can offer gracious and generosity “Brazilian cool style“.

Dental assistent

Billy Guerrier

He likes to develop good environment and his experience and technical skills shows patient what a excellent assistant can offer. He also is music programmer.


Lorenzo Champi

Lorenzo is our license hygienist skillful and knowledgeable. He also brings his back ground as Peruvian dentist. Lorenzo likes soccer and is always open to show better way to smile.

Dental assistant

Julian Espinosa

Julian our newest staff team. Very mature and professional assistant Julian speaks 3 languages and is always smiling and ready to help! When off, Julian likes to spend time with his family.


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